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Tigers Milk

By Sarah Luck on June 2, 2008

Tiger’s Milk: The Real Breakfast Food of Iron Men and Einstein’s.

Breakfast can make or break your day. A good breakfast will make it easier to choose healthier foods for the rest of the day - goodbye 3pm munchies. A good breakfast means high energy levels without relying on caffeine and sugar. A good breakfast can even make you less prone to anxiety, stress and depression through the day by preventing blood sugar level crashes. Breakfast is the one meal where most people get it horribly wrong. Through no fault of their own we’re a generation that has been educated about nutrition from TV commercials and they’ve done a great job convincing many people that a highly processed cereal with a some added niacin and riboflavin, and these days a spattering of ‘whole grains’ for good measure, is the healthiest way to start the day.We’re led to believe that a breakfast cereal devoid of all life and nutrients to the point it must be fortified with synthetic nutrients will turn our children into iron men and Einstein’s, keep our hormones balanced, supply us with anti oxidants, prevent heart disease and give us the energy to get through our busy day.Nothing could be further from the truth. Starting your day with a commercial breakfast cereal is a recipe for disaster. It guarantees that your energy will hit the floor around 2-3pm most likely accompanied by the munchies and for many people, a peak in anxiety and stress levels.A good breakfast should be a complete meal. A complete meal consists of Protein + Fat + Carbohydrate. Breakfast cereal with skim milk is nothing more than carbohydrate and very poor quality carbohydrate at that. Another common breakfast favourite, jam or honey on toast is Carbohydrate on top of Carbohydrate. A far cry from a complete meal.Tiger’s Milk, an old naturopathic convalescent tonic makes a perfect breakfast substitute as you make the transition from a processed to a more nourishing diet. A convalescent tonic was traditionally used to build people back up after an illness or stress, including childbirth. As most people are in recovery from one illness or another these days, Tiger’s Milk for breakfast is doubly perfect.Most people and families are pushed for time in the morning and a complicated breakfast routine, no matter how healthy, is simply unachievable. Tiger’s milk takes 5 minutes to make in the morning and there is little mess to clean up afterwards. It’s also easy to change the amounts to suit a whole family or just one person.

Tiger’s Milk

Per person

  • 2 x raw egg yolks (from free range eggs)
  • ½ - ¾ cup of milk, yoghurt or kefir*
  • 2-3 tablespoons of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

First blend the yoghurt and berries until smooth, then add the egg yolks and coconut oil and blend until combined. It’s important to not overprocess the eggyolks so always add them last.If you or a family member are allergic to dairy, you can replace the milk with almond milk or rice milk. To make either of these even more nutritious, culture them using Kefir grains or culture first. A less ideal option is to replace the milk with fresh or frozen orange juice - this works best as an afternoon snack rather than breakfast. You can also add some frozen banana for children (or fussy adults).I have not had a single client who has not commented on a remarkable increase in their energy levels and wellbeing after a week or two of having Tiger’s Milk for breakfast. Many also find that their appetite is under control for the first time in a long while, as stable blood sugar levels reduce the cravings for sugar or other comfort foods during the day.Tiger’s milk is a highly nutritious complete meal. It can be used as a healthy breakfast alternative, an energy pick-me-up in the afternoon and is ideal for times of stress or recovery from illness where it can be given 2-3 x daily. Excellent for breastfeeding mums. Perfect for ravenous kids after school.Tiger’s milk can be safely used with babies and infants over 6 months of age. Omit the berries and use just the egg yolk, yoghurt/kefir and coconut oil. Like any new food, start with small amounts and increase gradually. Start with the tip of a teaspoon and increase to a few tablespoons over a few weeks. The egg yolks are an excellent source of fatty acids for brain and nervous system development. They are also a good source of iron and zinc for healthy immune systems.Use at breakfast time for toddlers who have fussy appetites and prefer formula or milk for breakfast. For toddlers who wake hungry during the night, give Tiger’s milk about 1 hour before bed in place of formula or milk.If you are concerned about using raw egg yolks with your child, they are actually a far more natural form of essential nutrients that growing children need than any other food including formula. Baby and toddler formula contains laboratory synthesised nutrients, egg yolks are a complete food and contain naturally occurring forms of nutrients which your child’s growing brain, nervous, digestive and immune systems require to develop properly. The egg white is usually the culprit when it comes to egg allergies and if you’re using organic free range eggs there is little risk of bacterial infection.If you’re pushed for time in the morning, or preparing Tiger’s Milk for a fussy child and you don’t want them to see you adding egg yolks to their smoothie, separate the eggs the night before and store the yolks in a cup, mug or bowl covered in cling wrap. Ensure that the cling wrap does not make contact with the yolks.If the idea of raw egg yolks simply sounds too disgusting to comtemplate, I promise that you will not be able to taste them. It’s the egg whites that add a frothy eggy taste to smoothies and egg nogs. If you’re still squeamish, ask someone else to make it for you at first. Once you start to experience the benefits to your health and energy levels, you’ll be quite OK to make it yourself.***Habitual Breakfast Skipper’s*** I challenge you to a 2 week Tiger’s Milk Challenge! Have Tiger’s Milk for breakfast every morning for 2 weeks and notice the difference in how you feel. Better energy, a clearer mind, better concentration, improved skin and lower stress levels are just some of the payoffs for getting up 10 minutes earlier to make your breakfast. If you have no appetite in the morning or feel nauseous if you eat breakfast, keep the milk or yoghurt to maximum of a half cup to keep the volume of liquid down until your stomach adjusts to food first thing in the morning.For more info on making your own Kefir please check out the following posts:Kefir the MightyHow to Culture KefirKefir SmoothieTiger’s Milk UpdateWinter Version:This warm version of Tiger’s Milk is perfect for a cold winter’s morning or afternoon.  It also eliminates the problem of lumpy chunks of coconut oil.  You can also omit the yoghurt, milk or kefir and simply use the hot water and coconut oil as the liquid base.

  • Melt coconut oil in 1/2 to 3/4 cup of very hot water and add to frozen berries or fruit.  Process well then add kefir or yoghurt and egg yolks.  Process until combined.
COMMENTS - 25 Responses

  1. What an awesome recipe. It really is that easy to eat well. What if I feel too cold in the morning to eat cold yoghurt? Can I leave the yoghurt out overnight so it’s a bit warmer?

  2. 2. Sarah Luck
    Jun 2nd, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    Hi Joanne

    Yes. I leave my yoghurt or kefir out on the kitchen bench in the (glass) blender jug overnight along with the berries and coconut oil so it’s all ready to go in the morning. It’s faster and warmer, which is good for this time of the year.

    Occasionally I’ll forget to prepare the night before, so i’ll make it up and leave it to sit on the bench while I get ready for work. Once it’s at room temperature it’s all ready to drink..

  3. Do you have any problems in winter when the coconut oil goes hard? I have found that when I blend the cocnut oil in, it goes into tiny bits.. not too appetising to a toddler! Maybe I should warm the cocnut oil first?

  4. 4. Sarah Luck
    Jun 3rd, 2008 at 4:48 am

    Hi Katrina

    You could try warming it first but I find that the egg yolks do a pretty good job of emulsifying* the chunks of coconut oil in winter - you might need to blend a bit longer. But I also let my kefir or yoghurt come to room temperature so it’s a little warmer. You’ll find if you use any type of berries, that it will also be a bit ‘bitty’ due to the berry seeds. You can always omit the coconut oil and replace with flax oil or even some cod liver oil (perfect for a nice vitamin A and D boost over winter - the berries or banana will hide the taste of the oil). I find the best way to make the coconut oil liquid again in winter is to stand the glass jar of coconut oil in a sink full of hot tap water for 5 or so minutes while you get everything else ready.
    *nb. emulsify means to make oil soluble in water.

  5. I think I’m going to try it, not just because the ingredients sound awesome, but I love the name… Tigers Milk - rreeooowwww!

  6. I make this too! i sometimes omit the berries, add a dash of maple syrup and a sprinkle of nutmeg. OMG!! sooooo good. M.J.

  7. Huh, I’ve been making this exact concoction every day for my family! Now I have a name to give it! It suits it well too, I love having my ‘Tiger’s milk’ smoothie in the morning, I know that if I skip it for something more conventional that I’ll end up feeling sluggish and starved in a couple hours.

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Is the tiger’s milk suitable for adults or just children?
    Does anyone know of any other healthy breakfast recipes? :-)

  9. Hi and here is a question. When you say

    To make either of these even more nutritious, culture them using Kefir grains or culture first,

    Do you mean to make this beverage into a kefir or do we just add the grains in as we blend? Are there any preparations for the kefir culture, as in do we need to soak them over night?

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Is the tigers milk for adults too or just children?


  11. 11. Sarah Luck
    Jun 4th, 2008 at 2:29 am

    Hi Mum (gee that feels weird typing that!)
    There is a recipe for making Kefir somewhere on (If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll email you a link). Kefir is a probiotic drink, a little bit like yoghurt only better. It’s really easy to make using either a starter culture (from the health food store) or Kefir grains (also a type of starter but you’ll need to know someone who already uses them who can give you some).
    Rice milk is not very nutritious. It’s really just something wet and white for people who are allergic to dairy. You can culture it using Kefir to make it much more nutritous (it becomes a rice milk drinking yoghurt if you like). You also have the added benefits of a live probiotic or ‘good bacteria’ source in your Tiger’s Milk.
    Almond milk is more nutritious than rice milk (but in this day and age there are also many who are allergic to tree nuts like almonds as well as dairy, so for some, rice milk is the only option). If you make your own almond milk and soak the almonds overnight then all those lovely nutrients in the almond milk are much easier to absorb. If you buy almond milk from the health food store, you can culture it using kefir to obtain further benefits and offset the fact that the almonds won’t have been soaked before hand.
    Hope that helps….

  12. 12. Sarah Luck
    Jun 4th, 2008 at 2:41 am

    Hi Maria

    Yes Tiger’s milk is suited to adults as well as kids. I have it for breakfast just about every morning.
    There are lots of other healthy breakfast options such as porridge, Bircher mueslie, eggs (poached, scrambled, breakfast omlette), good quality bread (preferrable sprouted grain) with butter, nut butter, avocado, cheese and tomato, pate etc.
    I reccomend Tiger’s Milk for people who are either not very good ‘morning people’ and won’t prepare or eat anything that takes too long in the morning. I also reccomend Tiger’s Milk to people or families making the change to a more ‘Nourishing’ style diet because I know that with just this one simple change they’ll experience a massive shift in their energy levels and health in a short period of time which gives them the inspiration to continue to make postive changes. It’s also great for anyone with digestive issues as it’s very easy to digest and absorb all the goodies it contains. Raw egg yolks won’t make you all farty and bloated like cooked eggs can.
    It is the perfect between meals snack for breastfeeding mothers.

  13. Thanks Sarah, I just wanted to know if we could just add the Kefir grains to the Tigers milk as we blend it in the blender, when we add in the other ingredients. or if we had to make Kefir first, then add in to the mix, rather than the grains.

    For us, we don’t drink any other type of milk other than cows.

  14. 14. Sarah Luck
    Jun 5th, 2008 at 12:23 am


    You need to culture the milk FIRST with the kefir grains to obtain the real benefits - esp with rice milk. The grains need to culture the milk for at least 24-36 hours beforehand.

    You can culture your cows milk using kefir first in order to obtain the extra benefits from the fermentation process (ie. ‘good’ bacteria).

    If you currently make kefir using the grains and have surplus, sure you can add them to the blender for a little extra nutritional oomph.

    Hope this helps..

  15. Oh yea thanks!

  16. To make Keifr, can you just use one of those easiyo yoghourt makers?

  17. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back to you….
    Yes you can use an easiyo yoghurt maker to make Kefir if you’ve got one. I just use a large pyrex casserole dish with an air tight lid that I pop into the oven with a hot water bottle for 24 hours (oven switched off) and then transfer to the fridge - but I like to make up 2-4 litres at a time!

  18. Wow, this sounds interesting. Could you please explain to me exactly how you culture the milk. I mean, even proportions of Kefir grain and milk and everything, I do have one of those easiyo yogurt makers. Also, where do you get Kefir grains from? Could you use other oils like Macadamia Oil/Walnut Oil? Many thanks

  19. Hi Jodie
    I’ve added some links at the bottom of my post to other posts that include instructions for making Kefir. I believe that that the Kefir Smoothie link contains info on sourcing the Kefir grains.
    Coconut oil is reccomended for it’s unique fatty acids. It contains special short and medium chain fatty acids (one which is found in high levels in human breast milk) that have an antimicrobial and antifungal effect, helping to reduce Candida overgrowth and also act as a fuel source to all the hard working cells in your digestive tract. Other oils such as macadamia and walnut don’t have the same nourishing effect upon your digestive system.

  20. I was confused by the suggestion to make kefir in a yogurt maker. All I do is put the kefir grains + the milk in a jar with a glass lid, covering the jar with a napkin to keep the light out, and wait 24 hours. Once every few hours, if I’m home, I gently stir the mixture. Works perfect.

  21. Hi Anna May
    The wonderful thing about Kefir is that you can make it any way that works for you - it’s not a fussy culture! (I make mine in a casserole dish) However, during winter, in many kitchens (my kitchen is colder that the outside air temp during the day in winter), it can take a long time for kefir to ferment. Using a yoghurt maker which is insulated, keeps the temperature warm and stable so the kefir ferments in a 24 hour time frame.

  22. Sarah, how do you make up to 2-4 litres at a time of kefir? Are you resting your grains and then doing a big batch? What’s the best way to do that? I’m getting a bit tired of making my kefir daily and would like to know what other options there are without hurting my grains or losing any probiotic goodness.

  23. Can you make Tigers Milk the night before?

    Sometimes when your the only person up so early in the household others might find that blending at 5am is not worth the noise

    So will you reap the same benefits or must you ‘blend and go’?

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